The community de facto UIKit for Xamarin Forms is out with a new version!

Grial 2.0 ensures your UI will look beautiful and consistently across iOS and Android platforms.

With more than 70 pages XAML pages, Grial UI Kit covers the most typical mobile UI patterns, 1500+ icons, fully customisable theme, animations and all UI elements Grial gives the Xamarin developers the best solution to start over Xamarin Forms with the right foot.

Here are the main features for this version:

Improved setup! This version comes with access to Grial Admin where users can configure their copy of Grial with their namespaces, assembly name, etc., making the setup of your new project absolutely easy and fast!

Responsive Helpers Get full control of how UI elements flow on your screen, no matter the device, orientation or platform.

New UI control Ratings, TabControl, Repeaters, etc. A whole new set of controls to expand your app UI/UX.

What are you waiting for? Get Grial UI Kit now and speed up your Xamarin.Forms development.

Get Grial UI Kit now

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